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Speakers » Ambrosia Luzius

  • Graduate Student

  • Cleveland State University

  • USA

Ambrosia Luzius is a graduate student pursuing a MA in Communication Theory and Methodology as well as graduate certificate of Local and Urban Management at Cleveland State University (CSU). Her work centers on citizen response to emergencies and source credibility regarding crisis events.  This interest roots from a decade of experience as an emergency dispatcher. Ms. Luzius’s main research focus is on crisis and emergency risk communication. Her other interests include persuasion, new media technologies, and social marketing. She graduated magna cum laude in journalism and promotional communication from CSU.


Integrating social marketing principles into the crisis and emergency risk model”

Crisis situations, such as epidemics, can perpetuate and require more robust long-term communication plans. Using the United States national opioid epidemic within the City of Cleveland as a framework, this interdisciplinary approach of integrating social marketing theory into the CERC model can provide lifesaving communication solutions for prolonged crisis situations.