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  • Ph.D Candidate

  • University of Maryland

  • United States

Tyler G. Page is pursuing a Ph.D. in Communication at the University of Maryland. He is focused on public relations and crisis communication. His research generally uses an experimental method and is often focused on reputation repair in the aftermath of a crisis. He recently received the Second Place Graduate Student Competition Paper award from the Public Relations Division at the 2016 AEJMC conference for his paper, “Can We Trust Government Again? An Experimental Test of Government Reputation Repair and Kategoria.”

Tyler holds a B.A. in Communication focused on public relations and a M.A. in Mass Communication from Brigham Young University. His research there included his Thesis using eye-tracking technology to examine social media advertising and a Public Relations Review article on the American Colonization Society’s use of public relations methods in the early 1800s.

A veteran of Utah’s “Silicon Slopes,” Tyler was the first marketer at Qualtrics and still serves on the Advisory Board at Reaction where he was previously Vice President of Marketing and Operations. In his spare time, Tyler is a citizen journalist. He spent five years covering Major League Soccer and recently concluded an explanatory journalism podcast on U.S. politics that included interviews with a United States Senator, a Governor, multiple members of the United States House of Representatives, and leaders of activist groups. Tyler and his wife, Janelle, reside in College Park, MD. They enjoy visiting the many historic sites in the Washington D.C. area.