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  • Distinguished Lecturer

  • University of Tennessee

  • United States

Suzy Prentiss, Ph.D., is a Distinguished Lecturer at The University of Tennessee and serves as the Communication faculty member in the Physician Executive Master of Business Administration (PEMBA) program. Her passion is storytelling and its power to facilitate authentic and collaborative communication. She specializes in working with individuals with high levels of speech anxiety, teaching specialized courses and developing assessment tools (SAAT) and resources (http://speechanxiety.utk.edu/) to effectively manage it. Her research also examines instructional communication and pedagogy and business and professional communication, including how medical professionals respond in times of crisis and the power of data storytelling.

Reducing risk in times of crisis: Communication training for medical professionals

Medical professionals are well-trained to respond in crisis situations, such as an active shooter, mass casualty or natural disaster. How, though, are they trained to manage the communication challenges of a crisis? What are the tools and messages they need to reduce risk? What would a crisis communication toolkit and training look like? Let’s collaborate and co-create!