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  • Graduate Student

  • University of Southern Mississippi

I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi. My research areas include health communication, interpersonal communication, and risk and crisis communication.

Presentation 1

Ostomates and Social Support: The Impact of Responsiveness on Health-Related Quality of Life

The purpose of this study is to examine the role of self-disclosure, responsiveness, perceived and received social support, and health-related quality of life in helping ostomates transition to their appliancet

Presentation 2

Crisis and Disaster: The Future of Telemedicine

When access to medical care is limited, telemedicine provides an effective solution to meet patients’ health care needs (Roine, Ohinmaa, & Hailey, 2001). The purpose this study is to examine how Corstrata, a wound care and ostomy telemedicine company, may prevent major interruptions to care for ostomy patients during and immediately after a disaster.