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  • Science Officer

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dale Rose is the Associate Director for Science in the Division of Emergency Operations at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He oversees the division’s research portfolio, and is a co-lead or principal contributor to multiple emergency risk communication projects. In addition to research, Dr. Rose also has responsibility for developing procedures to enhance the agency’s readiness to execute scientific “readiness” functions such as review and clearance of scientific documents and emergency risk communication messages. He has served in various leadership roles in the CDC Emergency Operations Center, including Deputy Incident Manager during the Zika Virus response and Incident Manager during the recent hurricane response.

Operationalizing Emergency Risk Communication Measures to Assess Quality, Effectiveness, and Impact of Communication Efforts during Public Health Emergencies

This session presents a recommended set of evidence-based emergency risk communication (ERC) process and outcome measures and operationalized indicators developed to assess CDC ERC efforts and adapted across a range of public health emergencies. These can be used to maximize ERC impact and provide guidance for future program improvements.