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  • Instructor

  • Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

  • USA

Scott Sellnow-Richmond is an Instructor in the Department of Applied Communication Studies at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville teaching public speaking courses. Scott received both a Bachelor of Arts (’09) and Master of Arts (’11) degree in communication from Western Michigan University and a PhD (’15) in communication from Wayne State University in Detroit. Scott’s primary research areas focus on communication surrounding identity in organizational and interpersonal contexts. Specifically, Scott has studied LGBT+ identity, body weight and body image, transnational identities, and work and paternity leave. Scott is an avid retro gamer, Halloween enthusiast, and comic book reader. He, along with his wife and fellow ACS faculty member Debbie are parents to a wonderful son, Lincoln.

“The Effects of Exemplification and Securitization in News Media Messages”

This study examines the role of securitization, which transforms an understanding of an issue as more severe than other typically politicized issues, in news media messages that utilize exemplars. We examined the extent of securitization impact on consumers, and offer recommendations for exemplars while recognizing negative consequences of securitization.