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Speakers » Ruth Østgaard Skotnes

  • Senior Research Scientist

  • NORCE Norwegian Research Center

  • Norway

Ruth Østgaard Skotnes is a senior research scientist at NORCE Norwegian Research Center, one of Norway’s largest independent research institutes. She has a Ph.D. in Social Science with specialization in Risk Management and Societal Safety from the University of Stavanger in Norway. Her research focuses on risk perception, risk communication and safety and security culture, in addition to cyber security, critical infrastructure protection, and risk regulation.


“The differences between invisible and visible hazards and how it affects risk and crisis communication”

The presentation focuses on the questions: “What are the differences between invisible and visible hazards, and how can these differences affect risk and crisis communication?”. We present results from a research project studying risk communication of invisible hazards in four Norwegian municipalities, and highlight important findings.