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Speakers » Margaret Stewart

  • Associate Professor, Communication Studies

  • University of North Florida

  • USA

Margaret C. Stewart (Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2013) is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies in the School of Communication at University of North Florida in Jacksonville. Dr. Stewart is also a certified social media strategist (SMS) and trainer for the National Institute of Social Media (NISM) and a consultant for Socially Inspired, LLC. Her research expertise is in the area of social media and emerging communication technologies. She primarily explores their inter


Development of STREMII: Five Year Anniversary Review & Reflection of a Model for Crisis Communication and Social Media”

STREMII is a model used to advise crisis communication via social media. Established in 2015, the original model and its subsequent developments are critiqued and new opportunities driven by technological and social media innovation are introduced as the model reaches its five-year mark. By previewing the framework for ongoing and future STREMII research, we summarize the practical steps and recommendations, encouraging the model’s practical adoption, and highlight ongoing developments.