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Speakers » Zhenzhu Zhang

  • Ph.D. Candidate

  • The University of Southern Mississippi

  • USA

Zhenzhu (Pearl) Zhang, a Ph.D. candidate from the School of Communication at the University of Southern Mississippi. Her research interest is risk and crisis communication from an organizational perspective. Before pursuing her Ph.D., Pearl has nearly 10 years of professional working experience as both a financial journalist and corporate communications director in Shanghai, China.


The Mediated Representation of China-US Trade War: A Critical Discourse Analysis”

CDA is used to explore the news representation of President Trump’s political speech towards China-US trade relations. Following the methodology of CDA, the author investigates how five American mainstream news media and two Chinese official news media have covered China-US trade relations. Differences in culture plus differences in media and social systems may cause very profound differences in the media representation and thus resulting in different attitudes of Chinese and American media.