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  • Professor of Marketing

  • Bill Daniels Professor of Business Ethics at the University of New Mexico

  • United States

Dr. O.C. Ferrell is a Professor of Marketing and Bill Daniels Professor of Business Ethics at the University of New Mexico. He has developed a business ethics certificate program through the University of New Mexico which focuses on helping faculty interested in learning more about the teaching of business ethics and related topics. This certificate focuses on institutions of higher education in the state of New Mexico. He is jointly responsible for securing a $1.25 million grant for business ethics education and outreach within the state of New Mexico and among a 4 state consortium consisting of Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. He is also co-editor ofhttp://www.e-businessethics.comhttp://www.e-businessethics.net, andhttp://danielsethics.mgt.unm.edu.

He is Past President of the Academic Council of the American Marketing Association and chaired the American Marketing Association Ethics Committee twice. Under his leadership, the committee developed the AMA Code of Ethics and the AMA Code of Ethics for Marketing on the Internet. He is a Society for Marketing Advances Fellow and Vice President for Publications for the Academy of Marketing Science.

His academic research focuses on ethical decision making, stakeholder relationships and social responsibility. Dr. Ferrell is the co-author of 17 books and more than 90 articles. His articles have been published in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and Academy of Management Executive as well as other journals. He is co-author of several leading textbooks including Marketing-16th edition, Introduction to Business-8th edition, Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases-8th edition, and Marketing Strategy-4th edition. He is also writes the Wall Street Journal weekly business ethics reviews and summaries with over 6,000 subscribers to this feature.


Panel: The Role of Social Media for Reputation/Brand Image During Scandals and Ethical Misconduct Disasters

2011 Presentation

Panel moderated by Dr. Robert C. Chandler with panelists Rob Housman, O.C. Ferrell and Linda Ferrell.