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Speakers » Emma Singleton

  • District Director

  • Florida District Food and Drug Administration

  • United States

Emma R. Singleton began her tenure as Director for FDA’s Florida District in June 2000. Since this time, she has implemented a Quality Management System for the District, re-established the Fort Myers Resident Post, created an Imports Branch, and established resident posts at Port Everglades and the International Mail Facility, Miami. She was the Science Branch Director for the Denver District Laboratory from October 1995 to June 2000. Under her leadership, Florida District has developed a good working relationship with state and other federal agencies. Emma has performed temporary assignments in several offices including the Office of the Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Office of International Policy, and Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. She is a member of the ORA Field Food Committee where she served as chairperson from fiscal year (FY) 2001 – FY2004. Emma is also a member of the Association of Food and Drug Officials and the Association of Food and Drug Officials of the Southern States. She was General Referee for Microbiological Efficacy Testing of Disinfectants for the Association of Official Analytical Chemists International from 1995 to 2001. Her career with FDA began in 1973 in Minneapolis; she later transferred to Atlanta. In 1990, she transferred to Denver District as supervisory microbiologist. Prior to Emma’s FDA career, she taught school. She has done research on several pathogenic microorganisms. She is the recipient of various awards including, FDA Award of Merit, Regional Commendation Award, and Special Act Service Award. Emma is a 1995 graduate of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Executive Potential Program. She is a graduate of Savannah State University and has done graduate studies at Georgia State University.  She does volunteer work and enjoys sightseeing, photography and reading. Emma is a mother, grandmother, and is an active member in her local church.


FDA Panel Presentation

2012 Presentation

The individuals on this panel include: LCDR Leslie Cartmill, Diashion “Shawn” Reid, Emma Singleton and Commander C. Stewart Watson.