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  • CEO

  • Epicenter Media & Training

  • United States

Christopher Tarantino, CMCP has almost ten years’ experience in emergency response/management and has acted in a variety of positions across the public- and private-sector – including roles at the volunteer, local, county, state, and federal levels. Mr. Tarantino serves as a Subject Matter Expert/Instructor for the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, a Digital Communications Specialist for FEMA, is the Vice-Chair of the International Association of Emergency Managers’ Emerging Technology Caucus, a volunteer Firefighter/EMT, Hazardous Materials Technician and a Rescue Specialist with the Monroe County (NY) Special Operations Unit, and works with the New York State Type II Incident Management Team.


Mr. Tarantino is a certified Crisis Management Communications Professional and is the CEO of Epicenter Media & Training, a crisis/emergency management consulting and training agency with a focus on technology and information/communications management; he leverages his social media, public information, and emergency management communications expertise to help government and public safety organizations communicate to citizens in times of disaster.


True Social Media ROI

  • Setting the stage / Intro
    • Social media usage statistics
    • Social media in crisis & emergency communications
    • Trends
  • What social media metrics are important?
    • Depth
    • Breadth
    • Conversion / Goal-based
  • What makes a strong…
    • Community Manager?
    • Social Media Analyst?
    • Web Analyst?
    • Evaluator?
  • What systems should be in place to assess effectiveness?
    • Tools
    • Policies / Guidelines
    • Schedules
    • Testing / Training / Exercises
  • What training or exercises are available?
    • Classroom / online training
    • Discussion-based / tabletop exercises (TTX)
    • Functional exercises (FE)
    • Social media’s use during full-scale exercises (FSE)
  • Next steps / Closing