Crew Positions Study Guide


Above the Line
1.    Executive Producer
    a.    manages several productions simultaneously
        i.    not on location of production
    b.    financial contributor to production

2.    Line Producer
    a.    answers to Executive Producer
    b.    overall management of a single production
        i.    usually present on location

3.    Production Manager
    a.    organizer of business aspects of production including such things as employment, finance, permits, etc.

4.    Director
    a.    answers to and works in concert with Line Producer
    b.    manages and executes all creative aspects of production

5.    Director of Photography
    a.    works in concert with Director
    b.    responsible for overall visualization of production

6.    Talent
    a.    all talent whether on-camera, mic or voice-over

Below the Line
1.    Technical Director
    a.    operates switcher in multi-camera productions

2.    Floor Director
    a.    supervises all operations on studio floor for multi-camera productions; director’s
        eyes and ears on studio floor

3.    Camera Operator
    a.    performs all operation of camera under either Director’s or DP’s supervision

4.    Assistant Directors
    a.    1st: assists director (scheduling, crew, etc.) and directs secondary footage
    b.    2nd: assists 1st Assistant Director, call sheets (crew), may direct addnl. footage

5.    Assistant Producer
    a.    assists Line Producer and Production Manager in all his/her responsibilities
6.    Assistant Camera Operators
    a.    1st Assist.: focus pulling
    b.    2nd Assist.:  camera loading, clapper

7.    Gaffer
    a.    answers to Director and DP
    b.    overall responsibility for lighting

8.    Grips
    a.    execute lighting set-ups under direction of Gaffer

9.    Videotape/Film Loader

10.    Audio/Sound
    a.    field
    b.    studio/post-production

11.    Editor

12.    Script Supervisor
    a.    responsible for production continuity

13.    Production Assistant/Utility
    a.    break-in positions
    b.    responsible for anything assigned

14.    Craft Services
    a.    food/catering on location

Divisions of Labor
1.    News Managers
    a.    News Director - in charge of the entire newsroom
    b.    Assistant News Director - second in charge of the newsroom
    c.    Executive Producer - supervises all producers
    d.    Assignment Editor - regulates incoming news announcements (releases); keeps
                         track of who is shooting and reporting on what during the day

2.    News Non-Technical
    a.    Producer - responsible for “stacking” a given news show; writes lead-ins, teases,
                  tosses, etc.
    b.    Assistant Producer - helps producer out in any way he/she can; mostly writing
    c.    Assignment Desk - listens to scanners, coordinates field journalist traffic
3.    News Talent
    a.    Field Reporters
        i.    News
        ii.    SPX
        iii.    WX
    b.    Anchors

4.    News Production (field)
    a.    Photographer/Editor
        i.    shoots/edits field news stories intended for show

5.    News Production (studio)
    a.    Editor
        i.    edits all incoming field stories for show
    b.    Studio Crew (responsible for executing news shows)
        i.    Director
        ii.    Floor Director
        iii.    TD
        iv.    Audio
        v.    Camera Operators
        vi.    Teleprompter
        vii.    GFX