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Below are some helpful sites and information for your time with our Knighlty News show and as you prepare for your careers.

Computer Assisted Reporting:

Background Info/Story Ideas:
        Science and Health:

Court Decisions and Laws:       

Freedom of Information:


Government:  (election years)

PR Newswire:

For Journalists:  (UCF Campus Chapter)

For Jobs:   *** Worth the $$$  ***  Worth the $$$

For Ordering Custom IFB Earpieces:
   (they have two options:  custom molded and semi-custom)

“I never once lied to a reporter.  But I more than once sought refuge in a badly-worded question.”

Bill Fox, press secretary to Bill Mulroney

“Most journalists are terrible questioners in that they are much more concerned with showing you and the other journalists what they know than asking you what you think.”

John Sawatsky


        1)        Asking But Not Listening

        2)        Neglecting the follow-up question
        3)        Interviewing The Wrong Person

        4)        Interviewing In The Wrong Location

        5)        Neglecting To Balance Issue-Oriented Stories

        6)        Neglecting To Consider Response Length

        7)        Asking Non-Questions (Making Statements)

        8)        Asking Yes/No Questions

        9)        Complex or Double-Barreled Questions
        10)        Using The Camera As An Electronic Notepad

        11)        Asking Too Many Questions

        12)        Relying on Public Addresses For SOT

Article on the erroneous practice of False Equivalency in Journalism