Knightly News Team Members

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(further details of expectations for all these positions can be found in the Knightly Style Manual)

Reporter                                  Gather field stories.  Responsibilities include generating, photographing,                                                      editing news stories, researching/gathering information and assisting                                                          producer.  May also include an on-set or  newsroom debrief on Knightly                                                      News show day.  Content is expected to air on Knightly News show with                                                      additional content as requested for Knightly News web site, and social                                                          media

Producer                                  Stacks Knightly News show. Writes teases, opens and closes. Works closely                                                  with director, AP and reporters/photographers.

Assistant Producer                   Assists producer in his/her responsibilities as requested or assigned.                                                             Coordinate guests for show according to producer’s instruction.                                                                     Coordinate content used from CBS Newspath feeds for Knightly News                                                            show.

News Anchor                          Studio news desk talent on show day.  Anchors the news stories and                                                             different segments of the
                                                Knightly News show.

Sports Anchor                          On-set talent on show day.  Anchors the sports segment of the Knightly                                                      News show.  Coordinates all sports-
                                                 related content for upcoming Knightly News show and reports on sports as well.

WX Anchor                              On-set talent on show day.  Anchors the weather segment of the Knightly                                                    News show.  Gathers latest WX \information prior to Knightly News show,                                                  including graphics to be used during show.

Photographer/Editor             Shooting and editing news stories as assigned.  Perform task(s) on                                                                Friday’s as assigned (live shots, studio assist, etc.)

Web Producer                             Coordinate daily updates on Knightly News companion web site.                                                                   Anchors web updates.  Coordinate social media content.

Web Assistant Producers             Assist Web Producer as assigned.