RTV 3228C Orientation/Production Schedules

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Feb 13 Production #2 (5:55-6:50)


January 14 – 5:00-5:50
Hayle, Roy
Thornton, Amanda
Smith, Jessica
Dougall, Patrick

January 14 – 5:55-6:45
Caraballo, Kimberly
Markham, Savannah
Hoag, Jonathan
Allen, Hannah

January 16 – 5:00-5:50
Lyle, Julianna
Kehoe, Roger
Loprinzi ,Anthony
Hemingway, Joshua

January 16 – 5:55-6:45
Lyle, Rachel
Chiricosta, Alexander
Ueno, Erika

SWITCHER/CAMERA PRACTICE LABS Each group will have 55 minutes
January 23 – 5:00-5:55
Dougall, Patrick
Smith, Jessica
Hoag, Jonathan
Thornton, Amanda

January 23 – 5:55-6:50
Chiricosta, Alexander
Ueno, Erika
Markham, Savannah
Caraballo, Kimberly

January 28 – 5:00-5:55
Kehoe, Roger
Hemingway, Joshua
Loprinzi ,Anthony
Lyle, Rachel

January 28 – 5:55-6:50
Lyle, Julianna
Allen, Hannah
Hayle, Roy

LIGHTING ORIENTATIONS – Each group will have the entire class time (5:00-6:50)
January 30
Hemingway, Joshua
Smith, Jessica
Ueno, Erika
Allen, Hannah
Loprinzi ,Anthony
Lyle, Julianna
Kehoe, Roger
Hayle, Roy

February 4
Thornton, Amanda
Chiricosta, Alexander
Lyle, Rachel
Caraballo, Kimberly
Dougall, Patrick
Markham, Savannah
Hoag, Jonathan

Crew call is promptly at 5:00 p.m.
Order was randomly selected, then rotated thereafter.  On the day you’re assigned to be the director, you will supply a blank recordable DVD for your personal copy of the master of your production.

Feb 13 Production #1 (5:00-5:55)

Director: Hemingway, Joshua
AD: Loprinzi ,Anthony
TD: Allen, Hannah
Assistant TD: Hoag, Jonathan
Audio: Markham, Savannah
Audio Assist: Chiricosta, Alexander
Floor Director: Dougall, Patrick
Lights: Smith, Jessica
Camera 1: Thornton, Amanda
Camera 2: Hayle, Roy,
Camera 3: Lyle, Julianna
Video: Ueno, Erika
VTR: Caraballo, Kimberly
CG: Lyle, Rachel
Teleprompter: Kehoe, Roger

Feb 13 Production #2 (5:55-6:50)

Director: Loprinzi ,Anthony
AD: Allen, Hannah
TD: Hoag, Jonathan
Assistant TD: Markham, Savannah
Audio: Chiricosta, Alexander
Audio Assist: Dougall, Patrick
Floor Director: Smith, Jessica
Lights: Thornton, Amanda
Camera 1: Hayle, Roy
Camera 2: Lyle, Julianna
Camera 3: Ueno, Erika
Video: Caraballo, Kimberly
VTR: Lyle, Rachel
CG: Kehoe, Roger
Teleprompter: Hemingway, Joshua

Feb 18 Production #1 (5:00-5:55)

Director: Allen, Hannah
AD: Hoag, Jonathan
TD: Markham, Savannah
Assistant TD: Chiricosta, Alexander
Audio: Dougall, Patrick
Audio Assist: Smith, Jessica
Floor Director: Thornton, Amanda
Lights: Hayle, Roy
Camera 1: Lyle, Julianna
Camera 2: Ueno, Erika
Camera 3: Caraballo, Kimberly
Video: Lyle, Rachel
VTR: Kehoe, Roger
CG: Hemingway, Joshua
Teleprompter: Loprinzi ,Anthony

Feb 18 Production #2 (5:55-6:50)

Director: Hoag, Jonathan
AD: Markham, Savannah
TD: Chiricosta, Alexander
Assistant TD: Dougall, Patrick
Audio: Smith, Jessica
Audio Assist: Thornton, Amanda
Floor Director: Hayle, Roy
Lights: Lyle, Julianna
Camera 1: Ueno, Erika
Camera 2: Caraballo, Kimberly
Camera 3: Lyle, Rachel
Video: Kehoe, Roger
VTR: Hemingway, Joshua
CG: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Teleprompter: Allen, Hannah

Feb 20 Production #1 (5:00-5:55)

Director: Markham, Savannah
AD: Chiricosta, Alexander
TD: Dougall, Patrick
Assistant TD: Smith, Jessica
Audio: Thornton, Amanda
Audio Assist: Hayle, Roy
Floor Director: Lyle, Julianna
Lights: Ueno, Erika
Camera 1: Caraballo, Kimberly
Camera 2: Lyle, Rachel
Camera 3: Kehoe, Roger
Video: Hemingway, Joshua
VTR: Loprinzi ,Anthony
CG: Allen, Hannah
Teleprompter: Hoag, Jonathan

Feb 20 Production #2 (5:55-6:50)

Director: Chiricosta, Alexander
AD: Dougall, Patrick
TD: Smith, Jessica
Assistant TD: Thornton, Amanda
Audio: Hayle, Roy
Audio Assist: Lyle, Julianna
Floor Director: Ueno, Erika
Lights: Caraballo, Kimberly
Camera 1: Lyle, Rachel
Camera 2: Kehoe, Roger
Camera 3: Hemingway, Joshua
Video: Loprinzi ,Anthony
VTR: Allen, Hannah
CG: Hoag, Jonathan
Teleprompter: Markham, Savannah

Feb 25 Production #1 (5:00-5:55)

Director: Dougall, Patrick
AD: Smith, Jessica
TD: Thornton, Amanda
Assistant TD: Hayle, Roy
Audio: Lyle, Julianna
Audio Assist: Ueno, Erika
Floor Director: Caraballo, Kimberly
Lights: Lyle, Rachel
Camera 1: Kehoe, Roger
Camera 2: Hemingway, Joshua
Camera 3: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Video: Allen, Hannah
VTR: Hoag, Jonathan
CG: Markham, Savannah
Teleprompter: Chiricosta, Alexander

Feb 25 Production #2 (5:55-6:50)

Director: Smith, Jessica
AD: Thornton, Amanda
TD: Hayle, Roy
Assistant TD: Lyle, Julianna
Audio: Ueno, Erika
Audio Assist: Caraballo, Kimberly
Floor Director: Lyle, Rachel
Lights: Kehoe, Roger
Camera 1: Hemingway, Joshua
Camera 2: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Camera 3: Allen, Hannah
Video: Hoag, Jonathan
VTR: Markham, Savannah
CG: Chiricosta, Alexander
Teleprompter: Dougall, Patrick

Feb 27 Production #2 (5:00-5:55)

Director: Thornton, Amanda
AD: Hayle, Roy
TD: Lyle, Julianna
Assistant TD: Ueno, Erika
Audio: Caraballo, Kimberly
Audio Assist: Lyle, Rachel
Floor Director: Kehoe, Roger
Lights: Hemingway, Joshua
Camera 1: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Camera 2: Allen, Hannah
Camera 3: Hoag, Jonathan
Video: Markham, Savannah
VTR: Chiricosta, Alexander
CG: Dougall, Patrick
Teleprompter: Smith, Jessica

Feb 27 Production #2 (5:55-6:50)

Director: Hayle, Roy
AD: Lyle, Julianna
TD: Ueno, Erika
Assistant TD: Caraballo, Kimberly
Audio: Lyle, Rachel
Audio Assist: Kehoe, Roger
Floor Director: Hemingway, Joshua
Lights: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Camera 1: Allen, Hannah
Camera 2: Hoag, Jonathan
Camera 3: Markham, Savannah
Video: Chiricosta, Alexander
VTR: Dougall, Patrick
CG: Smith, Jessica
Teleprompter: Thornton, Amanda

Mar 11 Production #1 (5:00-5:55)

Director: Lyle, Julianna
AD: Ueno, Erika
TD: Caraballo, Kimberly
Assistant TD: Lyle, Rachel
Audio: Kehoe, Roger
Audio Assist: Hemingway, Joshua
Floor Director: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Lights: Allen, Hannah
Camera 1: Hoag, Jonathan
Camera 2: Markham, Savannah
Camera 3: Chiricosta, Alexander
Video: Dougall, Patrick
VTR: Smith, Jessica
CG: Thornton, Amanda
Teleprompter: Hayle, Roy

Mar 11 Production #2 (5:55-6:50)

Director: Ueno, Erika
AD: Caraballo, Kimberly
TD: Lyle, Rachel
Assistant TD: Kehoe, Roger
Audio: Hemingway, Joshua
Audio Assist: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Floor Director: Allen, Hannah
Lights: Hoag, Jonathan
Camera 1: Markham, Savannah
Camera 2: Chiricosta, Alexander
Camera 3: Dougall, Patrick
Video: Smith, Jessica
VTR: Thornton, Amanda
CG: Hayle, Roy
Teleprompter: Lyle, Julianna

Mar 13 Production #1 (5:00-5:55)

Director: Caraballo, Kimberly
AD: Lyle, Rachel
TD: Kehoe, Roger
Assistant TD: Hemingway, Joshua
Audio: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Audio Assist: Allen, HannahL
Floor Director: Hoag, Jonathan
Lights: Markham, Savannah
Camera 1: Chiricosta, Alexander
Camera 2: Dougall, Patrick
Camera 3: Smith, Jessica
Video: Thornton, Amanda
VTR: Hayle, Roy
CG: Lyle, Julianna
Teleprompter: Ueno, Erika

Mar 13 Production #2 (5:55-6:50)

Director: Lyle, Rachel
AD: Kehoe, Roger
TD: Hemingway, Joshua
Assistant TD: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Audio: Allen, HannahL
Audio Assist: Hoag, Jonathan
Floor Director: Markham, Savannah
Lights: Chiricosta, Alexander
Camera 1: Dougall, Patrick
Camera 2: Smith, Jessica
Camera 3: Thornton, Amanda
Video: Hayle, Roy
VTR: Lyle, Julianna
CG: Ueno, Erika
Teleprompter: Caraballo, Kimberly

Mar 18 Production #2 (5:00-5:55)

Director: Kehoe, Roger
AD: Hemingway, Joshua
TD: Loprinzi ,Anthony
Assistant TD: Allen, HannahL
Audio: Hoag, Jonathan
Audio Assist: Markham, Savannah
Floor Director: Chiricosta, Alexander
Lights: Dougall, Patrick
Camera 1: Smith, Jessica
Camera 2: Thornton, Amanda
Camera 3: Hayle, Roy
Video: Lyle, Julianna
VTR: Ueno, Erika
CG: Caraballo, Kimberly
Teleprompter: Lyle, Rachel




(Groupings were randomly selected.)


Chiricosta, Alexander
Thornton,  Amanda
Kehoe, Roger
Hayle, Roy
Hoag, Jonathan

Loprinzi ,Anthony
Allen, Hannah
Dougall, Patrick
Lyle, Julianna
Caraballo, Kimberly
Ueno, Erika
Lyle, Rachel
Smith, Jessica