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Nicholson School of Communication is offering start up grants to all faculty to help you with your grant search:

Application Process:

  • $10,000 available overall
  • Priority on writing and winning grants
  • Prep work for new faculty seeking to apply
  • Travel to consult with partners
  • Grant start-up funds
  • Write a one-page proposal and submit with budget request.


Proposal Submission Process

As part of the reorganization of UCF Research processes, ORC has upgraded the ARGIS PTF with an expected “go-live” date of Tuesday, January 16, 2018.  ORC is requiring the ARGIS PTF inclusive of the full proposal documentation (according to the sponsor’s solicitation guidelines) be submitted in ARGIS no later than Five (5) Business Days prior to the Sponsor’s deadline date. Important, ORC will not process/accept PTFs submitted after this deadline, and proposals will not be submitted to the sponsor as a result.

Immediate steps have been taken by COS Pre-Award to assist Faculty in transitioning to the new ARGIS. Please see the following:

1. Faculty must contact Susan Morris ( to alert of your intent to apply for sponsored funding no later than ten (10) business days prior to the Sponsor’s deadline date. This will allow Susan time to work with faculty and the COS Pre-Award team to prepare the full proposal documents.

2. Susan will work with the COS Pre-Award team will initiate the draft PTF no later than five (5) business days prior to the Sponsor’s deadline date (no need for the PI to initiate the PTF):

  1. Enter the Title, Deadline, Solicitation, PI(s) and Budget
  2. Upload all draft proposal documents

3. The PI(s) will be notified by Susan to access the “draft PTF” and enter any information regarding Human Subjects, Animals, Space requirements, COI Certifications, etc., as instructed.

4. The PTF (Proposal) will be submitted five days before the sponsor deadline, which will begin the routing/approval process in ARGIS. After this time PTFs will not be able to be modified. COS Pre-Award will work with ORC to make sure all documents are compliant and special requests/exceptions are properly authorized. If changes are needed (only regarding technical documentation), COS Pre-Award will notify the PI and implement the corresponding changes in ARGIS. PIs will still be able to upgrade the technical content of the proposal until 2 business days before the sponsor deadline.

5. Special cases/exceptions: a) If you plan to request “cost-share” funds from ORC, the PTF will then be required to be in ARGIS and submitted ten (10) business days in advance of the Sponsor’s deadline to allow the VP of Research to review. If approved, a 50% match will also be required by the Department.        b) Exceptions to the internal 5-day deadline will be studied in a case-by-case basis.

ARGIS PTF – PI/COS/ORC Workflow Timeline

10 business days prior to Proposal deadline (At least)

5 business days prior to Sponsor deadline (hard deadline)

Within 2 full business days of the draft submission

2 business days prior to Proposal deadline

PI <-> COS


ORC <-> COS <-> PI*


Alert Susan Morris of proposal. Susan to work with Faculty on Proposal components

Susan will work with COS Pre-Award Team to submit PTF in ARGIS, with all non-technical documentation finalized

ORC will review and provide feedback to COS Pre-Award team, Susan and PIs

ORC to review final Proposal documents and provide feedback for submission to COS Pre-Award team, Susan and PIs

*PIs will be assigned a single point-of-contact at COS with whom all process communications will be restricted.


Proposal Development Support

UCF’s Office of Research and Commercialization (ORC) provides editorial assistance, grant writing workshops, a proposal toolkit and just about any level of support you need in the grant writing and submission process. For more information, click on the links above or contact:

Joshua Roney
Proposal Development Coordinator
(407) 882-0007


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