The marketing team within NSCM provides a number of different services for staff and faculty upon request. If you would like to request any of the services on this page, or would like to inquire about something that is not yet listed, simply reach out to Ryan Fox at

Announcements and Awareness

From special announcements to event awareness, the marketing team can help your message be heard

NSCM Event Calendar

The Nicholson School has an event calendar that displays our upcoming events on the NSCM website. Any Nicholson event can be added to the calendar for students to see as long as the following information is included:

  • Name of Event
  • Description
  • Time and Place
  • Primary Contact

Digital Displays

The Nicholson School has digital display screens on both the Main and Downtown campuses. Staff and faculty can request a slide be made for or placed on the digital screens to help spread awareness of events or announcements at NSCM.

If you plan to submit a graphic for the digital screens, they must be submitted as a 3840 x 2160 px JPEG with a minimum font size of 30 px.

NSCM eUpdate

Announcements and events that need to reach faculty and staff only can be shared in the weekly eUpdate. For this request, please reach out using the email.

Event Utilities

To best represent the school during events at or away from the university, NSCM has a number of displays and supplies staff and faculty can request.

Standing Banners

Standing banners are a common accessory for tabling events. They make our tables easier to identify and give people a quick glimpse of what the school is about. We currently have three banners shown below:

Graduate Program Banner
NSCM Banner
Projector Banner
This is a special banner that is meant to be partnered with our projector to display different images in a slideshow. Before bringing this setup to an event, check to make sure that the event will allow such a setup and will have power outlets available for the projector and laptop.

Step and Repeat

NSCM has a large Step and Repeat backdrop that can be setup as a photo spot at events. Use of this device is limited to campus events.

SWAG Items

SWAG items can help make a lasting impression. The Nicholson School has a number of items available for a wide range of events. Pens, pencils, lanyards and other small items are available for general tabling and large groups, while nicer SWAG is available for VIPs and guest speakers as a sign of thanks.

Coordinate with Ryan Fox to find the right SWAG for your events.


NSCM has two tablecloths with our logo on them, made for long rectangular tables. There is also a plethora of blank, circular tablecloths for general table covering.

Photo and/or Video Coverage

Photo and/or video coverage can be requested for on campus events. Coordinate with Ryan in advance of the event to plan out photo spots and key photo requests.