The Media Convergence Initiative brings together all forms of media in a digital format for delivery over the internet. Content providers and facilitators will bring text news, video, audio, or interactive multimedia into one modern digital platform. In the post-newspaper era, this is just a first step leading to a preparation of a new generation of students for high paying, and highly technical jobs which are currently in nationwide and globally. The Media Convergence Research Group hopes to put together a team of scholars and teachers who are at the cutting edge of this new technology. These professors will then find ways to pass this valuable knowledge on to their students.

Media Convergence Initiative welcomes faculty members in Radio/TV, Journalism, and digital media programs who want to be part of this new boat. At this exploratory stage, most students who are participating in generating content do not have an in-depth journalism or production training. Some times students may receive “independent study” credit as part of this exercise. Independent study credit will depend on the extent of one’s involvement to the production of converged content and to site maintenance. Visitors to this site will be able to view on-demand streaming videos of the university’s weekly “Knightly News” including previous broadcasts and news packages. Visitors may also access audio on demand and view interactive multimedia projects created by students here at the University of Central Florida.

For comments or questions contact:

Prof. John N. Malala, Ph.D.
RTV Media Convergence Initiative
University of Central Florida
P.O. Box 161344
Orlando, Florida 32816-1344
Office: 407-823-2840

E-mail: johnmalala at ucf dot edu