Colbie Caillat Caused Quite The Controversy With Her Touching Music Video For Her Song “Try” – Click To Find Out Why!

I choose to analyze a song called “Try” performed by Colbie Caillat from her album Gypsy Heart. The song was written by Jason Reeves, Colbie Caillat, Antonio Dixon and Kenneth Edmonds. This song became very popular a few months after being released in the summer of 2014. I personally became aware of it a year later of being released, it was all over my social media in 2015, especially in Facebook everyone was sharing the video over and over again, just like I did too.

The song’s rhythm is soft pop, closer to like a ballad but just the tempo and the beat of the music already puts a smile on your face since it sounds very inspirational. You can hear a piano in background, a soft guitar and Colbie’s soft voice of course. For example when she says in the song “Put your make-up on, get your nails done, curl your hair, run the extra mile, keep it slim so they like you, do they like you” she uses those phrases to show how we all are basically trying so hard to achieve some type of look that in our heads is what will make others like us. We are basically just waiting their approval so we know we did good when getting ready to go out.

But the ugly truth is when she says “do they like you” even though it doesn’t have a question mark on the lyrics, she saying as a question to us. Like after all we have done to look presentable for others, do they like us now? Are we somewhat acceptable-looking to them now that we have 3 pounds of make-up? Those are they real questions, because I know the feeling of taking forever to get ready because you really want impress someone, you went all out with your clothing and full-on make-up.

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