Beyonce finally release her high anticipated album just days before she starts her U.S tour!

Yes I said it Beyonce has finally release her higlyh anticipated album and it is called Lemonade. The album was released on Saturday on Tidal, if you do not know what Tidal is it is a website and app that lets you get music singles and albums as soon as they drop. It is sorta like Spotify but more expensive, it requires a monthly payment ranging from $20-$6 but the more you pay is the more you are able to enjoy the app. Fans have been waiting for this album to come out because they already have their tickets for the concert that kicks off in Miami. Some people though that the she was going to release her album during her concert or a day before her concert. Beyonce tends to suprise us with her music at anytime now, she has us waiting for a few years and then BAM a brand new album with a video for every song.

I have listen to Lemonade and this album is going to be a top seller. The visual images that she shows us in the video is something new, refreshing and a lot of women can relate. She has Serena Williams in one of her videos, yes I said it Serena Williams the tennis player, she also had so many other black women who are famous, not famous, moms, single moms, aspiring dancers, female musicians and even Eric Graner and Trayvon Martin mom. The lyrics talk about empowerment and how black women are not cared for, she talks about being cheated on and lied to. This album goes deep, she really talks about her feelings on a personal level. This tour is going to be very different from her last tour which she did with her husband. This album is worth listening to and trying to see these lyrics from a different perspective and honestly I am not even a Beyonce fan like that but she is really using her voice to the issues that are being ignored about black women in the media. Beyonce is a pro black feminist and I am here for her to keep doing her thing!

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