University of Central Florida’s Creed

Integrity – I will practice and defend academic and personal honesty.
Scholarship – I will cherish and honor learning as a fundamental purpose of my membership in the UCF community.
Community – I will promote an open and supportive campus environment by respecting the rights and contributions of every individual.
Creativity – I will use my talents to enrich the human experience.
Excellence – I will strive toward the highest standards of performance in any endeavor I undertake.

University of Central Florida’s Goals:

Goal 1: Offer the best undergraduate education available in Florida.
Goal 2: Achieve international prominence in key programs of graduate study and research.
Goal 3: Provide international focus to our curricula and research programs.
Goal 4: Become more inclusive and diverse.
Goal 5: Be America’s leading partnership university.

University of Central Florida’s Mission Statement:

The University of Central Florida is a public, multi-campus, metropolitan research university, dedicated to serving its surrounding communities with their diverse and expanding populations, technological corridors, and international partners. The mission of the university is to offer high-quality undergraduate and graduate education, student development, and continuing education; to conduct research and creative activities; and to provide services that enhance the intellectual, cultural, environmental, and economic development of the metropolitan region, address national and international issues in key areas, establish UCF as a major presence, and contribute to the global community.

Nicholson School of Communication’s Mission Statement:

The Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida stands for free inquiry, free speech, and the free flow of information and ideas in a diverse, contemporary society; with a core focus of providing excellence in instruction and research.

The School provides rigorous, relevant, and stimulating undergraduate and graduate curricular and co-curricular programs to prepare students for professional careers or advanced graduate study in the fields of communication.

The School exists to support, facilitate and integrate the research and study of communication; and to serve and partner with our constituents in the university community, communication industries, and our service area.

University of Central Florida’s Vision:

The University of Central Florida will be the nation’s leading metropolitan research university recognized for its intellectual, cultural, technological and professional contributions and renowned for its outstanding programs and partnerships.

Nicholson School of Communication’s Vision:

NSC will be research intensive, academically rigorous and recognized for national prominence and demonstrated excellence for its educational programs and research in service to its constituents.

Nicholson School of Communication’s Statement of Inclusion:

It is the policy of the University of Central Florida and the Nicholson School of Communication to observe integrity, scholarship, community, creativity and excellence as the core values that guide our conduct, performance and decisions. The Nicholson School of Communication does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, marital status, parental status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or veteran status. We are committed to encouraging diversity of ideas and points of view and creating an environment unequivocal for excellence in diversity topics.