10 Entertaining and Affordable Ways to Have Fun in College

Spring Break just passed and you’re still looking for something fun to do that is not involving the schoolwork your professors gave you weeks in advance? Take a breather college students. I have a few cheap and fun ideas to give you a brain-break, but not break your wallet:

1. Go to a public park. Reminisce to when you were younger and you enjoyed swinging and going down the slides. Grab a friend and play a pickup game of basketball or tennis. Parks are free of charge and pet friendly as well!

2. Potluck dinners and a movie. If every one of your friends brought their favorite dish, imagine how much delicious food you would be able to enjoy once a week without going out to a restaurant and paying for it. Not to mention possible leftovers for the next day!

3. Join a club. Find who on campus has your same interests and bond together!

4. Play card games. Everyone knows how to play a card game that your friends don’t. Take the time and teach them how to play! I’m not promoting gambling, but you can barter for candy or fruit snacks… Right?

5. Grab dessert. Twistee Treat, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, Steak’n’Shake? Doesn’t cost more than $5 usually for a quick sweet treat! Or if you want, go to the grocery store and buy some chocolate chip cookie dough to keep in the fridge for nights when you’re craving it.

6. Intramural Sports team. Grab your friends and join or create a softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, etc., team. They are so much fun and you set it up according to your schedule per semester.

7. Find out discounted college nights for bowling, laser tag, indoor trampoline. Exactly that! Cheap times during weeknights these places have discounted prices.

8. Take a workout class with friends at the Recreation and Wellness Center. Zumba, yoga, spinning, kick boxing, stadium run, they have it all! You can meet fellow students and get a workout while having fun.

9. Get nosebleed seats for an upcoming concert. Sometimes we can’t afford first row tickets to see our favorite bands. Buy nosebleed tickets and still enjoy the concert so you won’t be pouting at home that you didn’t go enjoy the concert.

10. Go to an on campus sporting or performing arts event. Most of them are free for students or offer a discounted rate with a valid student ID. See what talents your fellow classmates have.

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