10 Packing Tips From the Travel Experts

Get a handle on things. Purchase an easy-to-carry bag that is light and roomy enough to throw your purse in. Keep your electronics accessible on top so that you don’t have an hassle getting them from the bottom.

Airplanes are a beauty disaster, so come prepared. You are just sitting in the cold air for long periods of time. A hydrating facial mist will rejuvenate your glum skin. Oil blotting papers weigh practically nothing and are a godsend when you need them.

Think about packing your own drinks and snacks. TSA will confiscate your water, but keeping an empty on you for fill-ups post-security is a real lifesaver. Ask the flight attendant to top it off (since those in-flight water cups are built for a 2-year-old’s thirst) or do it in the terminal beforehand. Eating only candy on flights can really ruin the day, making you feel lethargic and exhausted when you reach your destination. Try packing trail mix or maybe even a healthy sandwich.

Make sure you have your phone synced and ready. Podcasts can be so necessary when you’re trying to kill time, and having an up-to-date music list is key to a smooth flight. Other must haves are e-books, (download them at home first), and Wallet (a great way to keep your boarding passes tidy in a no-paper, no-losing, no-mess way). Also, the last thing you want is your phone—aka lifeline from boredom—to die mid-flight. Do yourself a favor and invest in a portable charger or external battery.

Adjust your makeup routine. Eleven hours of wearing makeup while you’re cramped in economy won’t do your look or skin any favors, so take a quick trip to the bathroom on your way to baggage claim and do you primping there. A sheer, matte powder, will help battle oil and add a fresh finish.

And, when all else fails: Nyquil and your favorite book!

Hopefully these tips work and help some people through their next long flight.


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