10 Questions College Students Ask Themselves Daily

1. Why can’t I go to sleep before 2AM? The cycle casually starts when tweeting, texting, catching up on television shows around 10PM then, BAM its 3AM right before you have an exam five hours later. Which then leads to number 2…

2. Is there a quiz, test, or homework to turn in today for class? This allows for a college student to assess whether or not to go to class, study a few hours before, or stay warm in your comfy bed.

3. What time can I leave or wake up in order to walk into class right on time? Nobody wants to be the overachiever that shows up first to class to get the front row seat. That allows the professor to give you direct blaring eye contact. Scary.

4. Do I have money to go to (said concert, restaurant, bar, surrounding city)? Usually the answer to this question then comes with a sacrifice. Ex. If I go to the Miley Cyrus concert, then I can’t go out to eat at a restaurant with friends until my parents come in town. Which is direct with number 5…

5. When is the next (said break: spring, winter, summer) and where are we going? This question is usually asked a week into the beginning of the semester when you’re already overwhelmed with reading and homework.

6. Am I the only person on Facebook that isn’t getting married or having a baby? It is crazy how people grow up in the blink of an eye. I can barely manage to take care of myself, let alone worry about another human being!

7. What filter should I put on my Instagram picture that doesn’t make me look orange? This applies when uploading a picture with friends, going to the gym, throwback Thursday or a selfie Sunday.

8. Is this tweet inappropriate? Eh. Who cares?

9. Why is (said person, city, country, movie, television show) trending now? What?! Hey Arnold is on Nickelodeon right now?! Or, oh Kanye West is just cursing out the paparazzi again…

10. Most frequently asked question: Why am I going to college? Bill Gates didn’t and look how that worked out for him. If you’re a college student that doesn’t ask this question everyday, you’re lying to yourself. Of course we can ALL be the exception to the rules.

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