Ladies can you imagine going to a OBGYN and weeks later finding out that the person “doctor” who gave you an examination was a fraud? Well in West Palm Beach Florida a 18 year old boy has been pretending to be a doctor, that is not even the scary thing he even opened up his own office with a staff as well. Malachi Love-Robinson who police say posed as a doctor said he has been posing as a medical doctor and he has been treating patients we do not know how many people he has already seen or examined because this is a still ongoing investigation. There are so many questions that need to be answered how long has this Malachi been doing this? It is also clear that he has had some help with this operation; opening up a clinic by yourself is work that requires a partnership. Which raises the question, who else was a part of this grand scheme.

Malachi was arrested after a undercover female cop visited and had an appointment with him he was then busted. From that day of his arrest the media and people have been asking question after question searching for answers. Malachi had an interview with ABC GOODMORNING AMERICA and they asked him why is posing as a doctor and his reply was “I’m not portraying as an M.D. I never said I’ve gone to school to be an M.D. In his office under a sticker it shows that he calls himself an M.D which he later denies. In the interview he says that he has shadowed doctors which is an easy process to get involved in, he also sounds very intelligent, I see why people believed him but the interview was cut short because the question the interviewer  asked about him being a fraud. Malachi has not been arraigned but he is facing 7 counts of felonies such as grand thief, fraud, practicing medicine without a license and so much more.

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