200 Ways to Smile Everyday

This was an idea I had to give my mom for her birthday and I called it Jar of Sunshine!

It’s pretty much a big glass jar filled with yellow notes and in each note is a positive or motivational quote. It also contains funny memories with our family and notes of gratitude. I hand wrote 200 notes. All the notes were in yellow designed paper I bought at Michael’s! I chose for all of them to be in yellow because I thought yellow represented sunshine, which was my goal to create a Jar of Sunshine filled with positivity.

I also filled the bottom with glass yellow pebbles to make the bottom nice and pretty. It was also filled with yellow wrapped candies and chocolates. Anything that was yellow was in there that’d she like. On the outside of the jar, I hot glue gunned a yellow decorated construction paper with “Jar of Sunshine” written in yellow cursive.

The best part was that everyday or whenever you want, you grab a note and read it. You’re guaranteed to start your day off great and instantly put a smile on your face.

To top off the jar, I put gold and white ribbon and a glass top. My mom keeps it in the kitchen and every morning when she makes her coffee, she gets her daily “treat”. Whenever you’re having a bad day or need some positive energy, you’ll always have your Jar of Sunshine!

You can create your own jar and be creative as you like. I was able to purchase all my supplies at Michael’s, even the jar. The only part that took long was thinking of the 200 notes but in the end it’s all worth it!

Sometimes my mom calls me in the morning to let me know which one she picked out and how much it helped her in the day. This gift was inexpensive with a great reward!

Spread Good Positive Energy & Have A Great Day Everyday! (:

Til next time.

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