2013 Spirit Splash Kicks Off Homecoming Football Game

Spirit Splash is UCF’s well known and most popular tradition. It takes place during homecoming week and is the only time of the year that students are allowed to go inside of the reflection pond on campus. UCF’s Spirit Splash was voted best campus tradition by the National Association for Campus Activities just recently so this year had to be spectacular.

As always at the beginning of Spirit Splash, students gather around the reflection pond and in the surrounding areas to witness what is going to happen. They stand in different lines to get their official Spirit Splash t-shirts which is extremely chaotic. This being because there are only 5000 that are handed out to the tens of thousands of students here. This years shirt had the clever saying “Duck Yeah!” on the front to play on words and the symbol of Spirit Splash. Then different people come on stage to speak to the crowd about different topics. This year, Daunte Culpepper even came to speak.

Every single year, people hope and pray to get a duck and only a few people seem to be lucky. Once the people charge into the water, it is already a big, wet mess. People splashing and having fun running through the water. Then, the ducks are thrown into the crowd. This is when the chaos begins. People get trampled and sometimes seriously hurt trying to get these special ducks. Regardless of the chaos, it is a very fun and interesting thing to experience when attending UCF and even after.

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