37% of the U.S. Population Aren’t Working and Aren’t Looking

It been from 1978 since the the census reported that over 30% of the American population were out of work, however this new percentage also includes how just as many Americans aren’t looking for a job.

Out of 297 million Americans included in the Fall 2013 census, 91 million of them have been found to be jobless. It has shown, through records, that this population is necessarily searching for a job.

They way that they gather this information is by counting how many are unemployed and counting how many have not searched for a job in the month according to the local job agencies.

Some say that its been so long sense they’ve been laid off that they have been out of the system and have been replaced by the younger and more efficient.

However, this statistic does include stay at home parents, retired, elderly, young children, and students. Also it should be reassuring that about 50% of Americans, or 118 million, are employed full time and the 11 %, or 28 million, are employed part time. Also to go with those stats, there is about 10 million people who are “unemployed”, but records have indicated that they are searching for jobs.

One things for certain that the people who are wary of searching after being laid off are only going to keep getting replaced. Over time, this population should rise because there is more people today going to college and becoming educated to the point that they are employed out of college, depending on their academic success. Theres more and more parents investing in day care and less stay at home parenting also there is less and less retired people. These new trends are most likely going to have an effect on the unemployment status in this country along with shape people’s attitudes towards full and part-time employment.


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