5 fabulous nail polish colors for Fall!


1. Plum:

You can’t go wrong with “Anti-bleak” from the Mariah Carey collection by Opi. This beautiful medium toned purple is the perfect representation of Fall! This gorgeous hue can be found at ULTA for $9.00. With a $3.50 off coupon found on ULTA.com, the color can be yours for $6.00.

2. Red:

Dark red and light red never go out of style. The color can be worn any time of the year and this Fall is no exception. “Fishnet stockings” by Essie is the perfect dark red color. A couple of coats exposes a gorgeous, rich, dark cherry color. This red screams Fall!

3. Blue:

I’ve seen a lot of blue this season. Sparkly blue, dark blue, and every blue in between.  Borrowed and blue is a light, sky blue color. On the other hand, Aruba blue is a rich, and dark metallic blue. The color resembles a sparkly sapphire.

4. Brown:

Wicked is one of my very favorite colors by Essie. Wicked is a dark brown color with a hint of dark red. Wicked isn’t just the perfect color to get together with friends and watch a Trueblood episode. Wicked is the perfect hue if you are wearing a lighter colored outfit. Unlike Wicked, Hot Coco is simply a lighter brown.  When your Fall outfit has darker colors, I would use Hot Coco to offset the dark.

5. White:

White is another one of those colors that never goes out of style. Marshmallow is more of an off white vs. a color like Blanc that is purely white. Both are Essie and both make hands look clean and polished. In addition to being a great Fall accessory, Blanc and Marshmallow and great colors to wear to a job fair or interview.

Every color on my list can be found at ulta.com. A $3.50 coupon can also be found on ulta.com which will reduce the price of each nail polish from $8.00 to $5.00.





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