5 jobs are in danger of becoming extinct- reporting is among them

According to an article on Yahoo Education by Andrea Duchon, reporting ranks number two among careers that are dwindling in numbers. For future reporters and anchors, the article is certainly disconcerting… but only for a moment.

From the second we decide to earn a broadcast journalism degree, there are three crucial things we need to succeed: passion, confidence, and very thick skin. As students, we know that the journey will not be an easy one, but isn’t that the best part? One of my professors and mentor at UCF, told me she wouldn’t trade her career as a reporter for 15 years, for anything in the world. There were tough times but never dull moments.

Every now and again I get an eye roll when someone asks me what my major is and I say “Broadcast Journalism, Radio-Television Track.” The reality remains that people do not understand the complexity of writing and reporting. Personally, when I watch television, I closely analyze the reporter’s mannerisms and articulation to get a sense of who they are and how well they do their jobs. If I analyze them, certainly the rest of the public does as well. Becoming a liked and respected public figure is no easy task. Not everyone can attract an audience for 30 minutes-1 hour in a news segment.

So, what does the article say is our biggest competition as aspiring reporters? The Internet! These days, journalists don’t get degrees. Instead they blog for free, and gain followers through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other popular social media sites. The Internet offers exposure, an important part of the journalism field. However, there is invaluable information to be learned in school and important relationships to be formed with professors.

My time in college has taught me this:

  1. Get involved in student organizations
  2. Form relationships with your professors (I can’t stress enough how important this is)
  3. Intern as soon and as much as you can
  4. Volunteer! There are so many volunteer opportunities in Orlando. News and radio stations host events all the time. For those interested in fashion and entertainment, Orlando Fashion Week is a fantastic event to volunteer for. Organizations love free help.
  5. Most importantly: When you show dedication for what you do, others take notice.


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