6-year-old’s lemonade stand raises $10,000 for Dad’s cancer treatment

Three months ago, Randy Cox was diagnosed with seminoma, a rare form of cancer. That’s when his 6-year-old Drew decided to use his lemonade stand to help raise money for his father’s medical bills.

“He is so important to me, we love to play with each other,” Cox told Texas tv station KLTV. “Lots of times we like to play games.”

At first, Drew’s lemonade stand was a small operation. After all, how much could one small child really hope to raise toward paying for an expensive series of chemotherapy treatments? It was the thought that counted but not one that was likely to make a serious dent in Cox’s mounting medical bills. But after word got out about Drew’s heartfelt effort, the fundraising cause turned into a “block party,” on Saturday morning with cars lining up around the block to contribute to the effort. By the end of the day, Drew has raised more than 10,000 with the help of his Texas neighborhood community. And the fundraising effort has now spread beyond Drew’s lemonade stand. One of Randy’s childhood friends has also set up a GiveForward account to help raise money for his cause. Tameka Loyd Royal has set a fundraising goal of $5,000, with $3,790 having already been donated toward the cause.

On the donation page, Royal writes: “Doctors gave an excellent prognosis and thinks he only needs 4 cycles of chemotherapy using 2 medications. He goes 6 hours a day for a week and then off for two weeks before the next cycle begins.”

“Randy is a loving husband to Tonya Cooley Cox and has three adorable little boys Drew (6), Jake (4) and Micah (7 months). This is a family that has cast their worries upon God and has many prayer warriors.”

“As a grade school classmate of Randy’s and dance class friend of Tonya’s, my heart went out to them when I saw Randy’s post on Facebook about his diagnosis and wanted to get them as much financial and spiritual support as possible.”

The GiveForward fundraiser is scheduled to end June 1st.

If you want to make a direct donation to the Cox family, Royal writes that you can send them a personal check to: Randy or Tonya Cox to: 330 Walnut St. Gladewater TX 75647 and specify that your donation is to help pay the bills connected to his cancer treatment.

“From a small child, you know that love can come from a small child, and just blossom into something so amazing,” Robin McDaniel, one of the contributors to the fun, told KLTV.

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