61-year-old Surburban Grandmother Murders Her Infant Granddaughter With A Carving Knife

As of today, it was reported that the grandmother of a six-month old baby was the cause of death for her own grandchild. Left alone for just a brief moment, the grandmother, Alfreda Giedrojc was asked by the infant’s father to babysit while he and the grandfather went out to work. While the two gentlemen were out working on home repairs right up the road, Alfreda then decided to go along with her horrific plan of ending the infant’s life. She first began by laying the child on the floor while then proceeding to get a sledgehammer out of her closet. From then on, she began to swing the sledgehammer on the baby’s head and body several times. Despite numerous blows to the body, the baby was still alive, but not for long because Alfreda then took her plan to another level by going and getting a carving knife. With the carving knife in hand, the grandmother picks the infant up and slices her throat which kills the baby instantly. Authorities say Alfreda is being detained without bail, and has been charged with first degree murder in the death of her granddaughter. As horrific as this event is, it has been reported that this is indeed the first time the grandmother has ever done anything like this in her entire life. Reporters are also saying that when questioned about the situation, Alfreda expressed great shame and remorse for her terrible actions.

Killing anyone of any age is always wrong, but I cannot fathom one having the audacity to kill an innocent infant who was just brought into this world. What could have prompted such an act as this? Although no explanation would suffice, I still question the grandmother’s thought process as well as her well-being. I believe she should be thoroughly investigated as well counseled to see what exactly could have brought on an action such as this. I believe everyone deserves a chance to live their life to the fullest, and it saddens me that the infant whose life was taken away so soon will never get to experience that or find out all that they were meant to be.

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