8-Year-Old Girl Gets Rewarded for Doing the Right Thing

Imagine you just came out of a major store such as a Target or Wal-Mart where much to your amazement, you find a hefty envelope. The envelope appears to be a modern-day pot of gold containing $4,000 in cash among jewelry and Cambodian currency. Would you keep it or turn it in? This appeared to the quite the situation for an 8-year old girl from Maine by the name of Abbie.  One afternoon in April, Abbie was walking along a sidewalk at her local Sam’s Club not knowing that in a few moments, she will face this situation. She brought the money home to her parents and her immediate reaction was to have the money turned in so authorities could somehow track down to whom this belonged to.


Inside the bag, there was a bankcard for Portland with the name “Ra Rim”. Not long after, the bank was finally able to get in contact with a much relieved and grateful Mrs. Rim. And soon after, the police was able to return her belongings. Mrs. Rim was so grateful and curious as to who exactly was the person that found it, and did such a kind deed to return it? When she found out that an 8-year-old girl, Abbie, was the Good Samaritan, she wanted to meet her and her family and thank her for doing a kind deed.


According to the article, it just so happened that the contents in the envelope were for Mr. & Mrs. Rim to return to their country of Cambodia since they were facing economically hard times. They were able to return to Cambodia. This story started to spread like wildfire where it caught the attention of the CEO of Maine Bank, John Everets and he went on to learn that Abbie had somewhat of what is called “Biber-Fever” and wanted to go to one of Justin Bieber’s concerts one day. Well, Mr. Everets certainly wanted to reward this young girl for doing the right thing. He surprised her and her family with tickets to a sold out concert.


It goes to show that you should always do the right thing, not just for the sake that you might be rewarded, but just because.


This article was found at: news.yahoo.com

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