A 13-Year Old Boy and 12-Year Old Girl Become Britain’s Youngest Parents

In Britain, a 13-year old boy and 12-year old girl became the youngest parents in Britain. Last Sunday, the girl gave birth, however the girl became pregnant in the sixth grade. Names of the parents were not released and remains anonymous.

It is their choice as a couple to have a child, but can they take care of all the factors required to raising a child? I think they can not, unless their parents help out with the raising of the child.

It was stated by a source (not mentioned), “They’re very into each other, totally in love. She is obsessed with him.She sees this as true love. They want to get married.”

Even though these statements were apparently made by the mother, she is still young in her life. As she develops more in her life, going through the life style of being both a mother and child, she could lose interest in the father. There are people way much older than her that fall out of love due to everyday obstacles in their life, and they have way more experience in their life than her.

This scenario brings up the idea of if the mother will decide to have an abortion performed or give her child up for adoption. If she does not want to kill the child, adoption could be a better choice because another couple could have enough resources to better take care of their child. Either options are possibly not one of her choices that she will make, but whatever option she makes, it would be great for a substantial amount of help to be provided towards the couple in raising their newborn child.

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