A Beef with DragonBall Evolution

I have a little bit of a beef with the new Dragonball Evolution movie. I like that most of the main cast of the film is Asian because the Dragonball franchise is from Japan, and I see it as fitting that the main characters should be of Asian nationality. What I don’t like is that two of the most important characters (Bulma Briefs and Son Goku) in the film are non-Asian (but in fact two white kids) and therefore the main cast as a whole looks really funny. Since the Dragonball franchise is from Japan I believe that the movie should have an all Asian cast or an all American cast, because the characters are drawn to look like Americans. I don’t mind the fact that they used a non-Asian for the part of Lord Piccolo because Piccolo is an alien and is green. The actor who is playing Piccolo is painted green with on prosthetics. The cas should be either all Asian or all American cast to stay true to the original feel of the cartoon.

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