A Degree. Job Search. Career. The Real Steps after College.

By Shawn Presley

Like many senior college students the idea of a career is becoming all the more relevant as graduation looms closer and closer. However, there are no rules to the game of how to attract a career from potential employers. Don’t get me wrong the prospective jobs are attracted to me, in the sense they do contact me via email and phone calls, but to be honest most of the jobs are not worthy of a high school 12th grader.

Ill be honest, the fear of not finding a good career upon graduation is a constant black cloud that nags at my thoughts. In my defense, working full time while in school for full time has most definitely given me a solid work history that is most appealing to employers. As a word of advice to all college students, it works in your favor to look for careers of individuals already within your network (family, friends, mentors, instructors, etc.).

Without a doubt I believe I will find an adequate career that tailors to my work experience and degree. The only complaint is that there are no set paths on how to do things, there are a few resources, books, institutions, but no set path. To a new college grad that is terrifying, you are basically on your own.

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