A More Effective Use for Media in Politics

Recently in the United States, you cannot go through a single commercial break without hearing from a politician. Each commercial says something generic, usually about how they are “the better candidate” and “for America” and lists all of their positive qualities, all while staying very vague and never really getting down to their actual beliefs in politics. The only time they do get specific is when it’s a tasteless commercial showing all of the terrible traits of their opposition. These commercials cost thousands of dollars to produce and thousands to get them on the air. All of this money that they are spending on videos stating nothing could go towards better forms of media, or you know, towards helping the economy they are so concerned about.

In my opinion all a running politician needs is a good website stating their views and maybe one commercial that actually states their views and doesn’t leave itself up for interpretation. They can take part in social media, and interact with voters while explaining their views. They can tweet, comment and even pin their beliefs for the whole world to see online and save money and others time by not having to post up 500 signs in front of every voting location. Signs and commercials that tell voters nothing but that their vote should be with them are unhelpful and wasteful. Online ads, like multiple signs and commercials only annoy voters for the most part, and don’t represent any politician in a good light. People who are struggling for money do not want to see millions wasted on something so useless.

If a politician were to take all of the millions of dollars that they spent trying to win and instead used it for something good, or made a donation they would show the public that they know the value of the dollar and they are truly the ones that should be the one to spend it.

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