A Mother Get’s Arrested After Her Child Is Found Alone And Digging In Trash.

A mother from Sanford, Florida was arrested on Monday April 21, 2014 after they found her daughter alone in a busy street. Her daughter was found across the street from the hotel where they were living, more than 100 yards away. The authorities said that the girl was rescued after a man had spotted the child digging in the trash.

According to an arrest report, the woman named Jessica Flores and her two children were living in a room on the Value Place hotel in Sanford, Florida on the third floor. The investigators said that a girl had walked to a nearby Sunoco gas station that was across the long parking lot and a street.

The child’s mother Jessica Flores was arrested on child neglect charges. Investigators had said that they found Jessica Flores inside her room hours after the child was discovered alone and digging in trash. In the arrest report, they wrote that there was trash all over the hotel room.

This woman is an unfit parent and doesn’t care for her children. I know that some single woman that are parents have a much harder life than most people but her child shouldn’t have been left alone and digging through trash. The child could have been kidnapped or killed by a car. This is the reason why Jessica Flores was arrested for child neglect. They are continuing to investigate the story to see why the mother of the child let her children be alone and why they found the child alone digging in the trash.

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