A New Kind of ‘Prisoner of War’: The Taliban Takes A Military Sniffer Dog Prisoner

After the ‘War On Iraq” began prisoner of war videos were all to common place in the news broadcast across America. However, this video could be a first when it comes to such matters. The Taliban has released a video on Thursday claiming that they have captured a military dog following a recent raid in eastern Afghanistan late last year.

Taliban militants said that they took the dog from, who they believed to be, American Army special forces in the Alin Nigar district of Afghanistan’s Laghman province in late December. The US based International Assistance Security Force (IASF) did confirm that a dog had gone missing in the line of duty during December of 2013. However, US military officials up in Washington, DC said he was part of a British unit.

“This dog was very important to the Americans,” a spokesman for the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, told MSNBC news, “Once we got this dog, the Americans tried their best to get it back, but they did not succeed.” Specialist at the United State’s SITE Intelligence Group could not remember ever seeing anything like this new video. SITE Intelligence Group follows and researches insurgent propaganda activities.

The video shows the dog being guarded by many heavily-armed Taliban militants. The dog, which seems to be a German Shepard and Labrador Retriever mix, looks to be more shy and bewildered than scared. The men holding the dog captive carry specialized rifles and a GPS unit that they say came attached to the dog in his specially designed backpack.

Here is a link to the video sent by the Taliban to the U.S. Government ——> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICRiQJQ9YDw

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