A New Organization In The Skateboarding Scene Is Doing More For The Community Than You Might Think

There is a new organization that is making waves through the surf and skate community and it aims to do as much for a certain disease that is talked about very little amongst extreme sports enthusiasts.

The goal of the Grind For Life Organization is to provide financial help to cancer patients and their families when make the long hard trip to the doctors or hospitals that are not near to their homes. In addition, they educate and inspire said patients and families dealing with cancer survival and recovery. Those who qualify may ask for help with traveling and lodging expenses, meals, and personal needs. Money for this organization will be raised by, but not limited to, creating skateboarding events, helping in other events and festivals, eBay & thrift store sales of donated goods, fundraisers of all kinds, of course Grind For Life merchandise sales, and accepting any kind of donations of money and goods.

In addition to these, Grind For Life also operates its own thrift store called “Thrift For Life” in Cocoa Beach, FL. Mike Rogers travels the country setting up the G.F.L. booth at different exhibitions. This lets him share his unique story with people and to provide inspiration and hope to those in need. Mike also still skateboards competitively against the legends in the World Cup Bowl Series even though he has lost his eye and other body parts to cancer and is 47 years old. He is placed with the top ten skateboarders on the globe for his age group.

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