A Philadelphia Business Owner Faces Lawsuit for paying $20,000 to clean a Trashed Lot

Have you ever passed by a corporate area or neighborhood with a trashed vacant lot? What if you happened to be an business owner or homeowner that happens to live next to the trashed lot? Would you let it be or would you voluntarily clean it? Well, here is the story Ori Feibush, a business developer from Philadelphia. Now, the issue with the lot will be much more shocking as you read on. He owns a local business that is next to a vacant lot that contained a whopping 40 tons of trash!


Ori, being the lawful citizen that he is, called the agency in charge of the vacant lot about 24 times kindly asking them to remove the 40 tons of trash on the lot. He received no answer. He would then write letters and even visit the Philadelphia Redevlopment Authority on several occasions to still not have any sign of action. Hence, according to the article, Mr. Feibush spent $20,000 of his own money to have the trash removed, add cherry trees and benches and to repave a sidewalk. However, the same agency that refused to have the lot clean, is now suing Mr. Ori Feisbush for having it cleaned and demands that the property be placed back to it’s original condition.

Even though he sought out to do a good deed and to have the lot benefit not only him but all other business owners and homeowners, the agency is calling him a trespasser. Under that claim they are suing also since he made modifications to the lot which was still owned by the agency.  He even stated that he didn’t want any recognition for doing the good deed or by making the lot look more pleasant, he just wanted to take care of an issue that was greatly affecting those around it.

In my opinion, it’s a shame that someone will have to face a lawsuit for doing a good deed, even though he trespassed for a good reason.


This article was found on news.yahoo.com

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