A Rant About Black Friday

This Thursday, I started to realize that Thanksgiving might not be the family-oriented, be-thankful-for-everything-you-have holiday after all. With stores that opened up early on Thanksgiving, it was hard to focus on what it the holiday is supposed to be. Black Friday festivities seem to be taking over Thanksgiving.

I think it was the stories of people I know who went shopping Thanksgiving night that made me the most sad. They told me about all of these people who were so rude, ripping through boxes and yelling at store employees and other customers. What could possibly be so important that you have to yell at someone who is working on Thanksgiving? It just does not make sense to me.

I understand that the sales are great. I understand that it might help boost the economy a little. But it definitely does not boost the holiday spirit. When I watched the news, pretty much every other newscast was about someone getting arrested at various stores. People need to calm down and remember what the holidays are supposed to be about.

Something else I do not understand is why people do not just use the Internet to shop for things that they really need that badly. Cyber Monday is a great way to beat the Black Thursday/Friday blues. Nobody even has to leave their bed. It just seems so much easier and nicer.

So that was my rant about Black Friday. I have obviously never gone shopping on Black Friday, and I am not sure I ever will. I applaud those who do, because you have much more patient than I.

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