A Real Virtual Relationship

What makes a relationship “real”? Do these said persons in the relationship have to have seen each in person at least once? Do they have to live in the same state? What really qualifies a relationship as a relationship?

The advent of the internet has dramatically changed the way people interact with each other in person and through the computer. Relationships have changed a lot since the courting days. Today with the technology we are given, people are not pressured to meet someone outside of their own homes. They can meet someone online and sometimes they don’t even actually come into real contact with this person.

In my personal opinion, it just takes away from the “dating experience”. We are human beings, we need to learn to interact with each other instead of reading small biographies that could be true or not and base someone entirely off that small portion of information alone. Technology has changed the way people interact with each other in general.

While reading an article, it stated that a majority of people felt more comfortable texting, or talking on the phone or instant messaging rather than actually talking to someone in person. Technology is a wonderful thing and it has allowed our society to advance to greatly, but is the drawbacks worth it. We need our people skills and the use of technology in creating these virtual communities is a good way of joining together those from all over the country, but it takes away from the deep relationships people are able to build because they see each other every other day and they talk to each face-to-face regularly.

Virtual is okay in games, but not in the real world. There is a reason why it is called “virtual” and not “real”, if it were it wouldn’t be called something different.

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