A Short Guide to an Inexpensive Valentine’s Day.

With today being the day of love, some may be excited to use it as a reason to go on a romantic date while some look at it as a scam to get people to spend money. According to visualeconomics.com, America spends over $17 billon on Valentine’s Day. This only supports the retail-holiday claims. Nonetheless, it is a day anyone can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Although I do agree love should be expressed all year round, Valentine’s Day can be a day to break out of the routine. We are constantly so busy with our everyday lives that we tend to forget to take time to enjoy ourselves. Valentine’s Day can be that reason we dress up and meet with friends or with the one we love the most.

There are so many things to do to celebrate love day that require little spending. The best choice is always going to be something that required effort. Pinterest is a great source for DIY (do it yourself) gifts for our valentine. Also, turning the home into a dine-in movie theater is a great choice. All it takes is some effort to cook dinner, popcorn, wine or refreshments and Netflix or any Redbox rental. Another choice is visiting beautiful Mother Nature. Places like the beach (if the weather is right) and a local park or lake are all appropriate for sweethearts or friends. Couples can snuggle up and watch the sunset while enjoying a delightful picnic, and friends can enjoy each other’s company enhanced by nature’s beauty.

These are all ideas to spend a lovely Valentine’s Day with the ones we love the most without hurting our wallets. It’s all about the good times.

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