A Valuable Mind: Souls Freed or Consciousness Detained?

Video game developers Quantic Dream is known for realizing games that tug at the mind of consumer as they play them. Couple years back they released a video game in the US called Heavy Rain, which thrusts the players it into many character roles in pursuit of serial killer code named the Origami.  This year October 8, 2013 Tuesday quantic dream will release another interesting title called Beyond Two Souls. Needless to say, the game follows a young female as she is whist away by our government in an attempt to understand whether or not she has psychic powers. The reason for this was due to Jodi Holmes-the main character-imaginary friend Aiden, who constantly appears throughout the course of the video game to aid her in various task and challenges.

Basically, Jodi starts out as a young American girl who lives happily with her mother and father in their suburban home. However around the time she reaches the age of eight years old, she begins to develop an odd relationship with her imaginary friend Aiden-who only she can see-this starts to concerns her parents because most children past through that phase in their life once they reach the age ten. Although in Jodi’s case this nonexistent “friend” lingers with her into the teen years which causes Jodi’s family to send her to a government facility to be tested or cured. I’ve started noticing in games like this scientist have conducted studies on whether or not games benefit children in some way rather then turn their brains dirt as the TV does. Some have alluded to the fact that increased “hand to eye” coordination was due to certain quick time reactions in a specific video game; meaning a child’s reflexes could vastly improve as a result of using a video game controller from time to time. Although the ramifications surrounding a child developing an imagine friend through their teenage years could be cause for alarm at home. Nevertheless, Jodi is a prime example of the negative and positive effects that solitude can have on a child.

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