A world where thinkers are becoming extinct due to the easy accessibility of information

What might happen if the world loses thinkers and relies on people whose source of knowledge is the Internet? In today’s world some people have a tendency to lose the qualities of a thinker. A thinker is that person who is able to take the best ethical decision possible in any situation he or she encounters. A thinker has abilities such as creativity, reasoning, understanding and the ability to solve problems.
In some way with today’s technology such as the Internet some people are creating a total dependency on Google, trying to find answers for multiple issues and being conformed to quick answers. The shorter those answers are, the better they are received, accepted and spread. The problem is not Google, because it is only a tool, an Internet searching engine that helps us find information; the problem is that people do not want to read extensively. The reading that is done is very superficial; when people find an answer they take it as truth without trying to prove it or doing any additional, deep research.
We need to make an effort to move from the drive thru mentality of getting things fast and easy, the microwave culture. Next time we find ourselves looking for information we need to dig deep.
If we want to be the builders of our future, we need to force ourselves to think, not to let others think for us. There is still a whole world to be invented and it is our job to find new answers, new ways to solve problems. Everyone should take the time to read novels, classics, encyclopedias, and educate him or herself properly.
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