Aaron Hernandez Fiancée & Cousin Indicted in Murder Case

The Fiancée of ex NFL player Aaron Hernandez along with his cousin were indicted on Friday September 30th with connection the Odin Lloyd murder case. Shayanna Jenkins began dating Hernandez in high school they even had a child together. According to the Bristol County, MA D.A’s Office Shayanna Jenkins Aaron fiancée was hit with a single count of perjury. There was no other details provide to why Aaron fiancée was charged with perjury. Aaron Hernandez cousin Tanya Singleton was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Accessory After the Fact. Authorities believe that Hernandez cousin Tanya Singleton helped one of the accomplices get out of town by buying a ticket to Florida.

On Monday, Shayanna Jenkins attorney accused the Bristol County prosecutors of using “abusive” legal tactics to pressure Jenkins into providing information against her fiancé Aaron Hernandez who is accused of murdering Odin L. Lloyd this past June. If Shayanna Jenkins is found guilty of perjury she can face up to 20 years for allegedly lying before the grand jury. In addition, if Ms. Jenkins is accused of perjury during a murder trial, she would face a life sentence.  Hernandez cousin Tanya Singleton was arraigned on Monday in Bristol Superior Court in Fall River and pleaded not guilty to the conspiracy to commit accessory after the fact of Lloyd’s murder. Singleton was ordered to be held without bail. Will Hernandez Fiancée and Cousin be convicted?Will there be other charged in the Murder of Odin Lloyd? Only time will tell on what outcome will happen with the Hernandez Murder case.

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