Accountability….The media’s role in the Lance Armstrong steroid use ordeal.

The media’s contribution to the Lance Armstrong ordeal is quite controversial. There are those who believe that Armstrong was pressured to indulge in the usage of steroids. The obligation to be the “winner” was the downfall to Armstrong’s career. The media portrayed him as the American Dream. His seven title victories in the Tour de France made him a sports icon. No one has ever accomplished what Armstrong has done and as we all know; with greatness comes great responsibility. Being in the lime light is a bit of a balance beam struggle that athletes such as Armstrong face when dealing with the media. The ideology of perfection is the ultimate prize that pushes athletes to be the best they can be. The effects of steroids make you the strongest, fastest and most superior athlete. Those are all adjectives individuals wish to desire through media influences. In the eyes of the media athletes are symbolized as masculine and powerful. Pressures such as these can make or break a person, such as Lance Armstrong.  Armstrong spent years in the lime light of the media, to the point that media and fame was all he knew. He was not only known as a great cyclist but a hero who helped individuals with cancer believe that cancer is not invincible and anyone can fight such a horrible illness.  When the media, fame, and social pressures is all an athlete knows it is hard to step away from that lifestyle even if it is contributing to the downfall of your success. Lance Armstrong is a prime example of a person that was caught up the needs and wants of the media.

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