Adele wins all six categories at the Grammy Awards

New popular artist Adele won all six of her cetegories at the Grammys this past Sunday night.  Not only did she compete against other wonderful artists, she managed to win all six of her categories which is incredible.

I give props to Adele because before she became extremely popular I listened to her music. She is very unique, especially that voice of hers and I think she deserved every award won.  Her new album “21” is pretty upbeat and soulful which made a difference in the music industries genres.  You never really hear anything unique and different like Adele.  Maybe once and a while we hear a new artist who is great but usually they are never consisten.  Unlike Adele who has released her album and has had many hit singles like “Rolling in the deep” and “Set fire to the rain”, she is pretty much unforgettable.

The Grammys awarded many artists like Kanye West who received four awards and Taylor Swift who received two.  This is huge for Adele and in her opionion, unexpected.   It was clear when she went up on stage to collect her awards she gave her speech but with emotion and you could tell she was so surprised and shocked to see how inspiration people think she is.

I was also surprised to see that Kanye West did not make it to the award ceremony where he won four awards in his category which is pretty awesome.  And Chris Brown won best album of the year which proved that America has forgiven him for the whole rihanna situation.  The Foo Fighters won an award and they definitely deserved that because they are not as appreciated as other artist are and they are for sure a one hit wonder.  Regardless, everyone who deserved an award won in their category.  I really enjoyed how they did a last minute tribute to Whitney Houston and how Jennifer Hudson (a good friend of Whitney’s) did a cover of “I will always love you” and it was beautiful.  It would’ve been amazing to see Whitney present at the Grammy’s but she is now in a better place and my hopes and prayers go out to her family.

Overall the Grammy’s was a success.  I am truly astonished by the amount of awards Adele won but she deserved it especially after recently having vocal srugery.  She sounded amazing when she performed as well.  Adele is unstoppable and I am excited to see what she brings next to the music world.

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